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Bauhit   Weather all year round


Chance of rain is scarce in this period.
Snow is not usual in this period since it is observed once every 10 years on average.
Thunderstorms are unlikely to occur in this period since they are observed once every 2 years on average.

November 2018-Week 3: Statistically expected weather conditions
  • Weather events distribution is calculated according to statistics from historical observations.
  • Weekly long-term estimates may differ from monthly estimates due to shorter statistical samples (7 days instead of 30 days).


Temperature is expected to range between the following values:
Day: 13°C
Night: -1°C

Temperature Graph:
Extreme Values31°CExtreme Values5°C

Expected range of values



The maximum daily wind speed is expected to range between 9 Km/h and 20 Km/h.

Wind speed:
9 Km/h20 Km/hExpected wind speed
Prevailing wind direction:
170° - 191°
*Long term forecasts are created from statistical analysis of weather conditions observed in the past.

For this long-range forecast the following data have been used:
833 weather observations for period 1957-2018

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Local Time: Bauhit, Ethiopia

12 Nov 2018 | 21:43