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Chance of rain is strong in this period.
Thunderstorms are unlikely to occur in this period since they are observed once every 4 years on average.

November 2019-Week 4: Statistically expected weather conditions
  • Weather events distribution is calculated according to statistics from historical observations.
  • Weekly long-term estimates may differ from monthly estimates due to shorter statistical samples (7 days instead of 30 days).
  • Day1

  • Day2

    Few clouds

  • Day3

    Few clouds

  • Day4


  • Day5

    Partly cloudy

  • Day6

    Few clouds

  • Day7



Temperature is expected to range between the following values:
Day: 29°C
Night: 21°C

Temperature Graph:
Extreme Values37°CExtreme Values12°C

Expected range of values



The maximum daily wind speed is expected to range between 11 Km/h and 16 Km/h.

Wind speed:
11 Km/h16 Km/hExpected wind speed
Prevailing wind direction:
80° - 101°
*Long term forecasts are created from statistical analysis of weather conditions observed in the past.

For this long-range forecast the following data have been used:
751 weather observations for period 1973-2019

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Local Time: Dembeni, Comoros

15 Nov 2019 | 05:17